Bulk SMS Marketing Services

Bulk SMS has gained immense popularity in short time. It is considered to be a perfect marketing tool. With the help of bulk SMS the marketers can reach their target customers in minimum possible time. Most of the companies have started opting for SMS marketing. Bulk SMS especially proves to be beneficial for the start up companies that have a limited budget. Due to shortage of financial sources a newly formed company is unable to spend huge amount of money on advertising and promotion of the business and thus bulk SMS campaign can be the appropriate solution.

SMS is an effective marketing tool. A lot of businesses are seeing results in the form of sales conversions from bulk SMS marketing that they have not seen from any other sources of promotions whether you are a large, or small to medium sized business, sending SMS/text messages or global SMS marketing can greatly benefit by to your customers in India and abroad. As a cheap mode of mass communication Bulk SMS is the solution you can rely on. WebTree Technologies Using best SMS gateway API and sophisticated text message marketing software we guarantee you that the right information reaches the right people at the right time.

We offer the different kind of SMS services like

  • Promotional Route SMS
  • Transactional Route SMS

Promotional Route SMS Services

In Promotional route customers they can send the SMS to the peoples without getting any approval and SMS it will get deliver only for NON-DND numbers. We offer the promotional route SMS services at low cost compare to other service providers and it’s reliable and affordable also. The SMS it will get deliver on with in 1 minute to the mobile number in a single shot we can send 50,000 SMS also.

Transactional Route SMS Services

Transactional route is entirely different we can send the SMS to both the DND & NON-DND numbers at low cost pricing and its Instant delivery (SMS delivers on with in 5secs).

Terms & Conditions
  • Agreement copy from customer
  • Six digit senderId is required
  • Sample SMS required
  • Subscription form/Declaration form required
  • Security deposit required (Deposit is refundable)